What is a presentatie-instelling?

Presentatie-instellingen are institutions for visual art without a permanent collection of works; they are in-between artists and museums, attract a broad audience and are of significant importance for the development of artists and curators. In short, they are crucial for the infrastructure of visual art. They connect to current developments, touch upon relevant social themes, organize debates and discussions, are not afraid to experiment, double as laboratory of sorts, and make art available to anyone.

De Zaak Nu

Marres is part of De Zaak Nu, an interest group for presentatie-instellingen in the Netherlands. The organization represents all presentatie-instellingen for visual art in the Netherlands, which means that organizations and institutions for who the presentation and production of contemporary art is a priority.

Stichting NEST made a video which explains the importance of presentatie-instellingen. Where, in museums, emphasis is laid on artists that have built name and fame, presentatie-instellingen offer room for young artists to experiment.

NOTE: The video is in Dutch.