Marres participates in ArtTour 2017

Saturday 3, Sunday 4, and Monday 5 June

Opening hours: 11 AM – 6 PM

Entrance: Free!

ArtTour (AT)

During Whitsun one weekend-long the ArtTour will occupy the city of Maastricht from the Radium terrain; a tour visiting open studios, breeding grounds, galleries, arts organisations, public art spaces and many more. The moment where the entire art chain presents itself to the wide public. 24 art locations, with more than 200 artists, in the city centre & suburbs will open their doors for free from 11:00 to 18:00h. The ArtTour is a three-day event in which contemporary art and cross-overs take centre stage.

This year with a new central location!

The Radium

Start and heart of the ArtTour is The Radium, Lage Frontweg 2A Maastricht.

The Radium terrain consists of the Vredestein Labbuilding, the Gashouder and the Lage Frontenpark with the ‘No More Boring Art’ Project, the ArtTour Safari registration and outdoor workshop. Also here you will find Live AT Radiooo together with RTVM, the Coffeelovers Public Price, VideoPower, the infostand, a Social Media Wall, the Bar, Catering, shuttle bus, an outdoor terras and more.

The ‘No More Boring Art’ Project

The ‘No More Boring Art’ Project is an experimental art presentation in and around The Radium (first floor Vredestein Labbuilding) with a collection of artworks, installations, sound art, video art, new media, art performances, and concerts.

This year the ArtTour will focus on artists who do not wait for something to happen, but go looking for it themselfves. The ones who find something interesting in the empty abandoned spaces of Het Radium. They are artists who improvise, act according to the moment and are not afraid of boredom.

“I will not make any more boring art”—John Baldessari