Marres invited Barbara Cueto (ES) and Bas Hendrikx (NL) as curators of Marres Currents #4, devoted to works by graduates from art academies in the South of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Barbara Cueto (ES) is curator of Vesselroom Project in Berlin. Before that, she worked as a curatorial fellow of Bétonsalon in Paris and guest curator at Mönchengladbach Open House. Bas Hendrikx (NL) is associate curator at P//////AKT. His forthcoming projects include The Queer Series for Framer Framed and Skulptur Bredelar (DE). He has previously worked for Galeria Plan B in Berlin, and Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn. Cueto and Hendrikx worked before as a team for the project Your Time Is Not My Time at De Appel arts centre Amsterdam, and are also appointed as curators of the new edition of Impakt Festival 2016 in Utrecht (NL).

Marres Currents has acquired an important position as platform for young artists and curators. The first three editions featured works, meetings, and presentations of more than 75 artists from 12 academies. Thus Marres realizes its ambition to create a budding international network for young artists, curators and academies.

Marres, House for Contemporary Culture, receives ongoing support from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Limburg provincial authority and the Maastricht municipal authority.