The Floor is Lava is a spectacular multimedia installation that immerses visitors in an environment of human-sized sculptures and sculpted portraits. It is the first major solo exhibition by the young Dutch artists Sander Breure  and Witte van Hulzen. You can help make it a reality!

In order to complete this piece we are organizing a crowdfunding campaign, through which we hope to raise 25,000 euros. Will you join this campaign? For our crowdfunding rewards, please see

The exhibition

Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen will fill the Marres house with a series of wondrous sculptures featuring expressive faces and bodies composed of stick limbs, split torsos and hanging pieces of fabric. They are actors looking for a play. The title was borrowed from a children’s game, but the lava also refers to a world in which we are losing our footing on solid ground.

What happens with the funds raised?

One of the scenes that the artists will depict in their sculptures is about binge-watching. The scene shows figures parking their bodies beneath the flickering lights of a giant screen while their heads are elsewhere. Literally elsewhere, as the next room has a closet full of sculpted heads hoping for a spot on the sofa. The work is accompanied by a soundtrack compiled from television sounds.

For the creation of the sculptures, Sander and Witte will be working in workshops near Maastricht and Amsterdam. To finance the rental fees for the workshops and ceramics kilns, the expertise of braziers (bronze casters) and the cost of materials such as wood, plaster, clay and bronze, Marres and Sander & Witte jointly organize this crowdfunding campaign.

See our rewards section to find out what we can offer you in return for your donation. If you join you’ll make us very happy!

Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen

The project (The Floor is Lava) is made possible through financial support of Fonds 21.