The Amazon wilderness, moist, damp, sticky, deafening, breathtaking, is the most invasive form in which a landscape forces itself upon us. Once you’re inside, there is no escape. The pressure of the environment is so powerful and hypnotic that it propels people into a dreamstate. The exhibition Dreaming Awake presents a tropical rainforest peeled back in layers. The exhibition is about the experience of touch caused by strong outside forces.  Dreaming Awake aims to bring that experience to the visitors of Marres.

The immersive project is developed by the Brazilian curator Luiza Mello and Marres director Valentijn Byvanck in collaboration with the artists Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané and Luiz Zerbini. Dreaming Awake is part of a series of Marres exhibitions in which the house is used to show an all-encompassing single work of art. Previous projects in this series were Levi van Veluw: The Relativity of Matter (2015-16) and The Painted Bird | Dreams and Nightmares of Europe (2017).