Peer education
Marres develops many programs with young people. The starting point is peer education, in which pupils and students initiate projects themselves, in order to then share them with their peers. Marres offers an inspiring environment, professional guidance and a safe environment in which young people can experiment freely.

An example of such a peer education project is Eye-I. Eye-I was created during six Saturdays of intensive cooperation between twenty-five young people from different countries. The group includes young people from the United World College, Stichting De Vrolijkheid (belonging to the AZC in Heerlen) and a number of regular secondary schools. In the project, young people shared stories about their different cultural backgrounds. The exhibition The Floor is Lava was the guideline. The stories can be listened to on the Eye-I page. Click on an eye to listen to a story.

How well do you know your classmate?
In the second phase of the project the participants present the project in schools and institutions. In collaboration with Marres, they developed a workshop to bring the platform to the attention of young people and to give them the opportunity to make a personal contribution. The main question of this workshop is: How well do you know your classmate? In this workshop, Marres and the young people will explore human behaviour and objects that say something about a particular culture or identity. Based on this, stories will be told which will be added to the platform behind a picture of the new narrator’s eye.

Eye-I is part of a Training the Senses program for young people. With this project, Marres bridges the gap between the subjects CKV, Mens en Maatschappij and Media Wisdom.

Ahmed, Carina, Christin, Elle, Elya, Fams, Giulia, Hope, Kelly, Leslie, Mayren, Mohammed,
Mohammed, Muntadher, Ousman, Popcan, Sterre, Synne, Tesnim and Thea

Dagmar van Wersch (performance)
Hanneke van Dongen ( Fotografie)
Manuel Calapez (web development)

Ilse van Lieshout (Marres)
Moos Pozzo ( Vrolijkheid)
Afsoun (Vrolijkheid)

This project has been made possible with the support of:

Stichting Kannunik Salden, de St. Clemensstichtingen het Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie/Jij maakt het mee.