The legendary masterchef Ferran Adrià pays a visits to Maastricht and his exhibition at Marres. During his stay we organise some special activities.

Friday 18 March

Cook out with 90 children from Maastricht

Time: 18:45 uur – 21:00 uur
Location: Stadion Geusselt, Olympiaweg 81, Maastricht
Cookout with 90 children from different parts of Maastricht. The aim of the event is to emphasize the importance of healthy food. Led by the chefs of Kids Kokkerelli the children prepare a special three- course menu. The master chef will taste the dishes. Private event.

Saturday 19 March

Book signing publications of Ferran Adrià
Times: 12:00 – 13:00
Location: Dominicanen bookshop Maastricht, Dominicanerkerkstraat 1
Book signings, Ferran Adrià at Boekhandel Dominicanen.

Ferran Adrià Diner

Time: 19:00 – midnight
Location: Augustijnenkerk Maastricht
Five top chefs – who hold 9 Michelin stars between them – will be cooking for Ferran Adrià and all the guests in attendance. The price of this dinner and exclusive exhibition tour is €1,000 per person. Reservations and further information:

Sunday 20 March

Meet & Greet with chefs from Limburg and presentation of the publication The taste of El Bulli in Maastricht
Time: 14:00uur – 16:00uur
Location: Château St. Gerlach, Joseph Corneli Allee 1, Valkenburg aan de Geul
Ten chefs from Limburg show visitors of the city of Maastricht their interpretation of a dish from the Catalan chef Ferran Adrià. This special publication is made by Maastricht Culinair, a partnership of renowned restaurants, local producers and suppliers. During the Meet & Greet at Château St. Gerlach chefs meet Ferran Adrià and present their publication. Private event.

In dialogue with Ferran Adrià

Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Location: Centre Céramique, Avenue Ceramique 50, Maastricht
Tickets: Regular €15 / Students €7.50 SOLD OUT!
Adrià was a pioneer of molecular gastronomy and developed nearly 2,000 new dishes with his staff, along with a huge amount of new table and kitchen ware and cutting, mixing, freezing and mixing methods. In Centre Céramique the Catalonian master chef will give a talk about his current practice and will take questions from the audience, which will largely consist of students and talented young chefs.