Project of Education & Participation

Marres started a crowdfunding campaign for the coming exhibition ‘Dreaming Awake’. In the spring of 2018, Marres will be transformed into a tropical rainforest inspired by the Amazon region of Brazil. It is an exhibition about the touch, with the emphasis on the touch of people through its environment.

Marres develops a program about nature and culture experiences for and with young people from different countries, in collaboration with Stichting de Vrolijkheid. The young people come from asylum seekers centers, secondary and international schools, they are aged 14 to 18 years. From the ‘Dreaming Awake’ exhibition, in which Marres is converted into a Brazilian jungle, young people answer the question “What does my dream world look like?” Then they bring this personal experience of a natural environment to life. They are assisted by artists, dancers and musicians. The final product is offered as teaching material to various schools in Limburg. The young people who work on the project present this end product themselves.

The education project Dreaming Awake starts on 20 January 2018 and lasts for a total of seven weeks. The project consists of meetings at Marres on Saturdays.

Foundation de Vrolijkheid

Foundation de Vrolijkheid invests with art in the development and empowerment of children, young people and their parents in asylum reception centers. De Vrolijkheid considers society responsible to welcome young people in asylum reception and gives the example itself by contacting them, working together on an equal basis and making new connections. This way we contribute to the inclusion of young azc residents in Dutch society. De Vrolijkheid strives to make life in asylum seeker centers less harmful for young residents. All children are life artists. De Vrolijkheid wants to offer young azc residents the space to stay where they will also settle after their time in the azc.


Marres, House for Contemporary Culture explores the visual arts in the broadest sense of the word with exhibitions, lectures, research, performances and publications. Visitors are invited to discover the intimate character of the house and the incomparable city garden of Marres or to enjoy a cup of coffee or meal at Marres Kitchen. Marres organizes educational projects at each exhibition, in collaboration with young people from different backgrounds.


Marres organizes this crowdfunding campaign to enable the financing of the education project. The money is spent on transporting young people to and from the asylum seekers’ centers, the use of artists, dancers and musicians and the materials needed to develop the final product and teaching materials.

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