l’Art pour Elkaar – Urban storytelling festival is a new cultural festival about storytelling and experiencing the city.

Designers, architects, and artists place a lot of meaning in their works. But sometimes this can be difficult for others to read or to experience. Telling stories about the work/design makes it easier to understand; focusing on the relationship between artist and spectator, designer and object, or architect and city, can do this. Stories and words give meaning to things.

On Saturday November 10, Marres opens its doors together with several artists, architects, designers and cultural institutions in Maastricht. On that day the entrance at Marres is free of charge, between 11 AM and 6 PM.

‘Small’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’ tours through Maastricht will depart from Bureau Europa, led by prominent cultural ambassadors like Jim Jannsen, Stefan Cools, Guus van Engelshoven and Romy Roelofsen.

Another important ingredient of l’Art pour Elkaar are performances throughout the city. Artist/curator Joep Vossenbeld invited artists/designers to develop special interventions and performances: Maarten van den Berg * Miriam Sentler * Pol Veldhuizen * Rod Summers * Cmunz artists * Jet Nuij * Marcel Willems * Herma van den Heuvel * Mattanja Coehoorn * Astrid Verkoijen * Clemens Maassen* Ilona Smeets * Christiane Steffens