Another Adventure of Slim and Hayne

Marres presents during carnival: WAASTRICHT: Another Adventure of Slim Denken and Hayne E. Day. You can meet them in Maastricht during the carnival festivities. They will walk around the city, as they call it, Waastricht, with a cart of tools and instruments for the purpose of teaching the foundations and fun-dations of self- luminosity. They prefer to call themselves The Self Luminous Society. Their main purpose is to promote their beliefs, teachings, and inspire others to follow the self-luminous way.

Say what? The Self Luminous Society
The Self Luminous Society is a cosmic organisation that pursues and promotes self-illumination through the conscious and subconscious manipulation of language. It was founded in Houston, Texas by Slim Denken, the trickster salesman cowboy, later joined by Hayne E. Day, the all knowing caballero. Along the way, they have worked side by side with other pals and collaborators. Together, they travel mental spaces in the astral plane of the mind and spirit with the tempo of lightness.

Carnival vs Karne Val
Recently, they have been informed of a multi dimensional portal that opens up in the south of the Netherlands, around this time of the year. Locals call it: Carnival. Some scholars argue that the name comes from Carne Vale (Flesh Farewell), but others attribute it to a linguistic mutation of the middle Dutch Karne Val, and refers to the possible teleportal properties of ingesting rotten Karne Melk, a popular drink in the region. Once consumed, other dimensions of the spirit and the mind take over the town turning everything upside-down, inside-out, round and round. Maastricht becomes Waastricht. In Waastricht people turn into what they are not, they become alter-egos, cosmic versions marching into their other selves.

Slim Denken and Hayne E. Day will film their adventures during Carnival. More about that later.

Project development: David Bernstein and Juan Pablo Plazas