Op zoek naar de verloren tijd (In search of lost time) | Sanne Vaassen
Until 4 August

Our memories are strongly linked to scent and can bring us back instantly to a different time and place:  a former lover, the house of your grandmother or the gym at your old school. Can we also evoke the past of a city by scent? Visual artist Sanne Vaassen designed a scent walk in the past of the city of Maastricht. During this walk visitors can discover parts of the old city by smelling herbs, flowersand extracts.The tool kit consists of a detailed guide, a map and fragrance sticks.
Note: The booklet is only available in Dutch.
Price: 20 euro per guide

Walking tours in Dutch and Belgian Limburg
This project marks the first of a series of artistic walks Marres Maastricht and Z33 in Hasselt produce for both provinces of Limburg (Dutch and Belgian Limburg). Upcoming walks: David Helbich (about Hasselt/Diepenbeek) and Chaim van Luit (about oud-Rekem).

Curious for more? Get the successful Marres Gids voor de Zintuigen (Guidebook for the Senses), that will be translated into English in the Fall of 2019.