The senses are fundamental to our experience of living in the world. We select fresh food and sexual partners with our nose. We judge fabrics with our fingers. Feelings of well-being or dread are to a large extent derived from what we hear. But we don’t always know how to communicate them. Our research explores developing a symbolic vocabulary for sensory experiences.

Marres is working together with five master students (Giulia Bosa, criminology; Aishwarya Kharade, dentistry; Utkarsh Mittal, international business; and Justin de Raikem, psychology) as team 5enses, to research emoticons and symbolic descriptions for the senses in order to eventually launch a new set of symbols. This new symbolic “language” can be used in the Training the Senses workshops from Marres, and contribute to how we experience, understand, share and use our senses.

Curious to what 5enses continues to develop? Check out their website!