Shoot The Painted Bird

Marres is looking for pictures that were taken at the exhibition The Painted Bird. They could be selfies, pictures of your grandparents posing in front of a wall painting, or close-ups of details in this Gesamtkunstwerk.

Did you take such a picture with your phone or camera? Or are you planning to visit Marres? [LS2] Then join our photo contest!


How it works:

*Post your picture PUBLICALLY on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account, or directly on this page.

* Use the hashtags #ThePaintedBird and #MarresMaastricht.

* Your picture will then appear on our web site automatically.

* Let your friends know that you are joining this contest and share your picture widely to gather as many votes as possible.

* The person whose picture receives the most votes will win a limited edition Riso print of The Painted Bird, [LS3] made and signed by Gijs Frieling or an invitation to the White Wash weekend on August 12 and 13 at Marres. In addition, one of the participants – selected by raffle – will receive a copy of the book publication of The Painted Bird.

* The photo contest will run until August 1, 2017.


On June 3, during the Book Launch of the publication The Painted Bird, the first photos will be presented at the Dominicanen bookstore in Maastricht.
[LS1]Alt. ‘photo campaign’, action klopt hiervoor in het Engels niet helemaal
[LS2]‘en ga je nog een foto maken’ weggelaten
[LS3]Wat staat er op deze print, de tentoonstellingsposter neem ik aan? Dan ‘of the exhibition poster for The Painted Bird’