Performance: The National Anthems Of The World by Sanne Vaassen

5:00 pm

Sanne turns real snails into dedicated composers: the garden snails reinterprets the musical arrangements of national anthems by eating the paper notation of the music and adding new notes by their excreta, their poo. Monday at 5pm a surprising composition will be performed by live classical musicians in the setting of Marres Kitchen. Sanne Vaassen is one of the artist in the upcoming exhibition Intimacy/Chambres d’Amis.

And a drink

Between 4:00 and 6:00 pm you’re welcome to join us for a drink. We specially prepare a few bottles of ancient old Gingerlemon drink, that we serve with or without alcohol. In the spirit of the golden old values in the exhibition Adam Eve & the Devil that are still alive and kicking. For sure this drink will boost your energy to continue visiting the event of KunstTour’s Audience Award around the corner of Marres at Intro In Situ (Capucijnengang 12) at 6:00 pm.


23.5.2015 – 25.5.2015

In the Adam, Eve and the Devil exhibition, works can easily be encountered that would be considered as good for the trash in any other context, which is interesting because this year’s KunstTour title translates as: ‘Is it art or can I throw it away?’. This Pentecost, our team and in particular curator Ardi Poels is happy to explain to you why these artworks are worth considering otherwise. Marres is one of KunstTour’s recommendations for annual Euroregional art events in Maastricht. The successful initiative by ART2Connect inspires many people to visit the region’s art venues.

During the weekend of May 23, 24 and 25, entrance to the exhibition is free and we are providing guided tours throughout.