On Sunday, July the 7th, the whole city plays, sings, dances and strolls through the gardens of Maastricht! For a day, Maastricht gardens turn into intimate stages, where local artists show off their talent with their feet in the grass. Discover the greenery of the municipality, experience the hospitality of your neighbours and enjoy live bands, singer-songwriters, dancers, theatre makers and other types of stage animals. Each act plays three 30-minute shows and each garden is free to visit. The beautiful city garden of Marres will be the stage of Singers and songwriters Maxime and Glyn. The performances will take place at: 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30 PM.

About Maxime and Glyn
This year they performed on the Talents Internship of Festival Pop On Top. These promising R&B Singer-songwriters with South American roots will not only make you hear their music but also feel it!