Limburg chefs inspired by Ferran Adrià!

Maastricht Culinair and Marres proudly present this guide as an accompaniment to the exhibition Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity. Ferran Adrià, master chef at the renowned restaurant elBulli, has spent his career mastering the vocabulary of food. The sketches, diagrams, and designs in this exhibition showcase the innovation and creativity with which he prepares his dishes. After seeing this exhibition, you may wonder what a Ferran Adrià creation tastes like. Maastricht Culinair asked several local restaurateurs to add one of Adrià’s dishes to their menu during the exhibition period. This guide contains an overview of the participating restaurants. They are all located in Maastricht and the surrounding region from Eijsden to Wittem. And they all look forward to serving you their interpretation of one of the culinary masterpieces created by this Catalan chef.

Come have a taste!