Date: May 30th
Time: 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
With: Alexis Blake
Location: Theater aan het Vrijthof
Language: English spoken
Special Workshop – Max 15 people.
Please send your application before May 19th

Do you trust your body?
Do you know where in your body you store your different emotions?
What is your nervous system telling you?
Do you allow your body to process your daily thoughts and past traumas?
What is your body communicating to you that your mind refuses to listen to?

In this workshop Alexis Blake aims to guide our bodies to a state where they can move and respond honestly without filters. In doing so, we will be able to locate emotions held within the body and move towards creating space for expression and reflection. The workshop is part of the artist’s large-scale project, Anthology of Anger. In this project, she explores how culture, history and DNA influences one’s expression or suppression of emotions versus the body’s authentic movements of these emotions.

How to participate?
This workshop is open to everyone interested in movement, curious and open to experiment.
No previous experience in dance is required, and there is no age limit.
Applicants are kindly invited to write a short motivation letter (max 200 words) to  by May 19th.
The workshop is open to a maximum of 15 people, who will be selected by the artist and who will then receive an e-mail with information about the location of the workshop.



Alexis Blake

Alexis Blake has a multidisciplinary practice in which visual art, movement and performance are combined. She explores the way in which the body is represented and is treated as an archive, which she then critically examines, disrupts and re-negotiates. Her work directly engages with the representation and the subjectification of the female body whilst activating it as a site and an agent for socio-political change. In this process, she creates spaces in which systems of representation and power can be exposed and avoided.

Blake received an MA in Fine Art from Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (2007) and she was an artist-in-residence at the Delfina Foundation, London (2016) and at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (2014–15). Her work has been presented at numerous locations, such as: Riga Biennial 2018, BOZAR (Brussels), Performatik19 (Brussels), Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), British Museum, Block Universe Performance Festival (London), ExtraCity (Antwerp) and La Triennale di Milano XXI (Milan).

Photo: Rob van Hoorn

What is Training the Senses?

Knowledge is not only acquired visually at schools through language and text books. Learning involves all of our senses: we learn by listening, tasting, smelling, touching – and even by using our intuition. Through Training the Senses participants explore and discover a new vocabulary for all their senses and a new way to transmit experience and acquire knowledge.
Training the Senses is a ongoing series by Marres, that avoids any division between the speakers, performance and the audience. Everyone is welcome to join.