Time: 7 – 9 PM
Location: De Brandweer
With : Elise ‘t Hart, Soundtrackcity, Annelies Jacobs

We register our daily existence as visual. Yet, our orientation is just as much dependent of sound. We listen carefully to sounds of cars, bicycles, bus, and subway when we navigate through the city, and we listen perhaps even more subtly to sound of coffeepots, laundry machine and moving chairs when we’re at home. These sounds are so intimately known to us, that they don’t reach our consciousness. Yet, when they fall away, we miss something. In this session, Marres explores the sounds of the everyday with artist Elise ‘t Hart, researcher Annelies Jacobs and artist initiative soundtrackcity.


Elise ‘t Hart (1991, The Hague) graduated from the art academy in Utrecht in 2013. In the last year of the academy, she founded the Institute for Sound in the House, with which she graduated cum laude. Since then, the Institute for Household Sound has been a leitmotiv in her work. It is the beginning of a large collection and documentation of all kinds of sounds that you come across at home. Sounds that may normally pass by, but have an enormous influence on you. She documents and archives these sounds by making audio recordings of them and describing the sounds and the context in which she found them in a text. Through installations, files, presentations and radio she tries to map the sounds systematically and gives form to this data. In this way, home sounds receive the attention they deserve and the listener becomes (more) aware of these sounds. A more complete experience of the environment is the result.

The Institute for Household Noise is invited to work temporarily at various locations. For example by the municipality of Utrecht, exhibition spaces like DordtYart, at private homes or in a company or as artist in residence like at the Meertens Institute where she was looking for lost house sounds in the audio archive.



What is training the senses?
Knowledge is not only acquired visually at schools through language and text books. Learning involves all of our senses: we learn by listening, tasting, smelling, touching – and even by using our intuition. Through Training the Sense participants explore and discover a new vocabulary for all their senses and a new way to transmit experience and acquire knowledge.
Training the senses is a ongoing series by Marres, that avoids any division between the speakers/ performance and the audience.  Everyone is welcome to join.