Date: September 12th
Time: 7 – 9 PM
With: Emilie Sitzia, Wiel Kusters, Joachim Junghanss and Kim Reijntjes
Location: De Brandweer

More than a lack of sound, silence can be meditative, transgressive, religious, bored, manipulative, rhythmical, reticent, aesthetic, respectful, rebellious and much more. In this workshop we will bring together a range of specialists to discuss and experiment with the audience their experience of silence. Drawing on various perspectives (such as philosophy, literature, visual arts, psychology, performance art, music, etc.) we will explore the impact of silence. We will test its boundaries, investigate its moods, and map its sensory forces in behavior, reflexes and sound.




Emilie Sitzia
Dr. Emilie Sitzia (1978) is an art and literature historian and art writer, and an associate professor at the Department of Arts and Literature at Maastricht University. She studied art history and literature in France, Germany, Finland and New Zealand. She regularly publishes on art, literature and museology in academic journals and recently published a book: Art in Literature, Literature in Art in 19th century France (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012). Emilie’s interests include 19th century and modernist art and literature, museology, post-punk music, contemporary art, hiking, ice-skating, snorkeling, travelling, and eating chocolate.

Wiel Kusters
Wiel Kusters ( 1947) is a Dutch poet, emeritus professor of literature at the University of Maastricht. Kusters diverse publications comprise In en onder het dorp, mijnwerkersleven in Limburg (2012), Zielverstand (2007) and Koolhaas’ dieren – over de biologie van een schrijver (2008). In collaboration with Benno Barnard and Huub Beurskens, he made the extensive anthology Nee, Plato, nee uit de poëzie van W.H. Auden (2009). In 2010, Kusters published a voluminous biography about poet Pierre Kemp: Pierre Kemp. Een leven and in 2014 Mijn versnipperd bestaan: een biografie van Kees Fens. His most recent publication is Leesjongen. verzamelde gedichten 1978-2017 (2017).

Kim Reijntjes
Kim Reijntjens (1993) lives and works in Maastricht. She recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht. Recent shows include her solo exhibition ‘The Everyman’ at Greylight Projects in Brussels, ‘Playtime 2017’ at the 11e K_nstvl___Festival of Experimental Art and ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf’ at the Mediahuis Eindhoven. Focusing on performance and theater within the realm of the visual arts, Reijntjens brings together elements of various disciplines in her work, including film, settings, props, sound and live-performance.

Joachim Junghanss
Joachim Junghanss (1978) is director of the Conservatory in Maastricht. As a jazz pianist and composer he has collaborated with jazz legends like Dave Liebman, and as an educator he has taught at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. In 2015, Junghanss was appointed Dean and later Chief Academic Officer of the True School of Music in Mumbai. Junghanss holds both a Doctor of Musical Arts and a Master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music. With a passion for social activism and a belief in the power of music to transform lives, Mr Junghanss launched the social entrepreneurship project Music Works, in West Africa in 2010. Junghanss participates in this workshop with a special performance of 4’33 by John Cage (1912-1992), an American composer and pioneer of indeterminacy in music, electroacoustic music, and non-standard use of musical instruments.


What is Training the Senses?

Knowledge is not only acquired visually at schools through language and text books. Learning involves all of our senses: we learn by listening, tasting, smelling, touching – and even by using our intuition. Through Training the Senses participants explore and discover a new vocabulary for all their senses and a new way to transmit experience and acquire knowledge.
Training the Senses is a ongoing series by Marres, that avoids any division between the speakers, performance and the audience. Everyone is welcome to join.