Date: October 10th
Time: 7 – 9 PM
With: Katja Heitmann
Location: De Brandweer

Our skin keeps us from seeping into the world. The skin holds our insides together, and stops the outside world from coming in. Even though we notice our skin only with damage or signs of age, it is a unique organ, a tender, stretchy, soft, and ultimately porous boundary. It is the elastic and adaptable place of encounter, a territory where the inner fluid breathing landscape of the bodyself meets the outer changeable environment that we share with other humans, animals, plants, rocks and water. We learn through cultural codes to conform and adapt our bodily experiences to what seems appropriate to specific situations. Katja Heitmann is interested in how to choreograph the skin. In this workshop, we will zoom into the skin as a physical element. What is the role of the skin for the body?  What are the smallest movements underlying it?


Katja Heitmann

Katja Heitmann (1987, Hamburg/ DE) werkt op het grensvlak tussen dans, de beeldende kunsten, performance en installatiekunst. Ze verkent in haar werk wat ons ‘beweegt’. De mens beweegt zijn machine, of de machine beweegt de mens. Haar performance-installaties laten op poëtische wijze zien dat elk antwoord op deze vraag dubbelzinnig is. Haar nieuwste project is gewijd aan de conservering van verdwenen bewegingen en menselijke reflexen. In de herfst van 2019 presenteert zij met een team van acht dansers een collectie van met uitsterven bedreigde bewegingssoorten in Marres Maastricht. In 2016 kreeg Heitmann de prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen voor uitzonderlijk choreografische talent.

What is Training the Senses?

Knowledge is not only acquired visually at schools through language and text books. Learning involves all of our senses: we learn by listening, tasting, smelling, touching – and even by using our intuition. Through Training the Senses participants explore and discover a new vocabulary for all their senses and a new way to transmit experience and acquire knowledge.
Training the Senses is a ongoing series by Marres, that avoids any division between the speakers, performance and the audience. Everyone is welcome to join.