Location: De Brandweer
Time: 7 – 9 PM
Entrance: regular 5 / student 2,50

NOTE: Photographs will be taken and a short video is made during the event. If you wish to stay out of any filmmaterial, please let us know when you arrive.

What is space? We all have a conception of it, but if we compare notes, everyone views it differently. We perceive space usually as the volume that surrounds us. We have ways of looking at specific spaces, whose boundaries we can mark visually: a rectangular room, a round hall, a small gallery. And we have a general concept about space with psychological qualities: breathing space, space of movement. We think of spaces as comfortable, haunting, hollow, warm or smelly. And some of them we sense to be unwelcoming and eerie. Today’s session with archigraphus is aimed at our awareness of all these routines, feelings, and intuitions of space. How do we perceive space and what vocabulary do we use to measure and map it? This will be a thoroughly practical workshop: we’re going to walk, do exercises, execute commissions, and share footage of unknown perspectives: watch, taste and imagine space!

Photo: Horst Wackerbarth

archigraphus is an interdisciplinary network for architecture and spatial concepts started by Markus Ulrich and Joachim Schmidt.

Trained as architects their expertises space in building, urban space, landscaping, light and space installations , new media, photography, participation and didactics.

Next to their main activities archigraphus develops excursions, city discoveries and interactive actions in urban space, which have been part of the cultural programs of the Institut français,  Belgisches Haus Köln, the festival ‘across the borders’, EuRegionale 2008, region aachen, city of Aachen, professional corporations like BDA, BDB, SRL … in Aachen, Brussels, Cologne, Lens, Liège, Lille, Mons, Paris, Reims, Sittard …

Markus Ulrich
Joachim Schmidt