With: Roderik Povel, Bernadette Jansma, Poetry Slammers: Loukia Hadjiyianni, Charis Hoffman, Sophie Malon and Alfie Marsden Smedley

The voice is our most formidable instrument for expression. The voice speaks, sings, moans, coughs, stammers, hesitates, recites, and sneezes. It helps us to communicate ideas, connect to other people, vent our moods and enthusiasms, sing songs, recite poetry, and command armies. Yet, even though the voice is an unquestioned instrument with which we express our identity, it seems also alien to us. We listen to our own recorded voice as if it belongs to another person. We can hear voices of people that are absent. Unsuspected things can cause us to have a failing voice, one that stammers, falls silent, or is temporarily lost. With help of poetry slammers, a jazz vocalist and a neurologist, we will explore in this event the ways in which our voices constantly mediate between our inner selves and the external world.

Video: Marie Lormeau