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We tend to think of knowledge as school-taught, language-based and to a large extent visually acquired – through reading, viewing and insight. Yet we also know that our bodies are reservoirs of other forms of knowledge acquired through a collaboration of multiple senses: hearing, taste, smell and touch. We use our hands and noses to select fruit at the market. We smell to find a suitable mate, listen to sense danger and intuit to gauge the insecurity of others.

The senses also provide information we are not always aware of. We know that a cook uses his sense of smell and taste to determine the freshness and combination of ingredients. Much less obvious is that a physician needs to train her hands to feel her way to a diagnosis or that a ceramics expert needs to hone his hearing to authenticate a porcelain bowl.

Training the Senses series 2019
The new season of Training the Senses is coming up again, with among others: Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen (about performance and standstill), Katja Heitmann & dancers (endangered movements), Espen Sommer Eide, Martin Taxt and Mari Brunvoll (music for the half sleep), Katja Gruijters & ArtEZ (eating workshop) and Renzo Vitale (daily acoustics). Each of these makers will be connected with one or more experts and performers to prepare an evening session together.

Discover your senses, Join us!

Training the Senses is made possible through financial support of de Overvoorde – Gordon Stichting / het Pauwhof Fonds.