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Marres Dialogues: The paradox of objective representation

In het kader van de tentoonstelling Marres Currents #3: Sightseeing organiseert Marres een gesprek tussen de curatoren, kunstenaars en professionals uit het kunstenveld over de paradox van de objectieve representatie.

Philippine Hoegen (artist, professor at AKV|St Joost) leidt het gesprek tussen Paula van den Bosch (curator hedendaagse kunst Bonnefantenmuseum), Chris Keulemans (schrijver en journalist) en Agata Jaworska en Guillemette Legrand (curatoren MC#3: Sightseeing).

The inconvenient subjectivity of the body, the slipperiness of perspective and utterly unverifiable ideas of universality, all conspire to contaminate the notion of an objective description or representation, and puncture their credibility. Nonetheless the desire for objectivity —for a ‘truth’ or ‘realness’ beyond the individual experience— and a way to faithfully reproduce it, remains.

Whilst trying to come to grips with abstractions or representations that promise such objectivity, and that as a result of our desire to believe in them gain an aura of concreteness —a map, a border, a conviction, a scientific formula— artists in this exhibition use strategies of over identification, of debunking, subverting or otherwise scrutinising the reification of these abstractions. An awareness of the fact that the work itself is also such a representation which adds to, perhaps interferes with or even alters the phenomenon it explores, is often part of the project.

In this discussion we would like to talk through, and with the work of the artists in the exhibition “Sightseeing” about this desire and it’s problematics —bodies, contaminations and punctures; representation, reification and realities— as addressed in the works, to figure out the artistic strategies employed and the insights or knowledge produced.

text: Philippine Hoegen

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Locatie: Intro in Situ, Capucijnengang 12 Maastricht
Tijd: 20.00 – 21.30
Taal: Engels
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